Bed Bug Elimination

Treatment Strategy

Systematic and integrated process for achieving long-term, environmentally sound bed bug management must incorporate both chemical and non-chemical intensive heat treatments to achieve success.  Breakdown in treatment strategy often arises from lack of knowledge relating to behavior, biology, and Integrated Pest Management techniques.  When used properly, heat treatments can produce 100% kill ratio of all bed bugs in an infested home.  The thermal maximum temperature for bed bugs is 113 degrees F, with complete kill occurring at 120 degrees F for 2 hours. 

Thermal treatments are properly complemented and coupled by the appropriate use of control chemistries in harborage areas and the use of IGRs (insect growth regulators/reproductive regulation) to control the reproduction of any surviving bugs.   The correct coupling of this procedure ensures 100% kill of bed bug infestations and realistic control of re-introduced bugs in a realistic short-termed future.  Furthermore, we suggest and provide mattress encasements, monitoring devices, and on-going strategies to maintain a bed bug free home.   Thermal (Heat) Treatments are safe and effective for the control and eradication of bed bugs. 

It is imperative that the company you choose possesses the correct equipment to heat your home safely and effectively.  Many small operations are unable to afford the necessary heating equipment so they buy less-expensive propane powered or steam equipment.  Propane heating elements tend to heat too quickly and have thermal spikes which often result in damage to homes and even fires.  Steam doesn’t penetrate household items or substrates effectively and are often under-powered for common bed bug infestations.  Proper Thermal Heat Treatments utilize electric powered, utilizing very powerful generators to produce a safe, deep heat, that will thoroughly treat your home or structure.