Bed Bug Hiding Areas
 Mattresses (especially around seams, folds, buttons)
 Between junctions of headboard and bed-frame
 Around and inside of box springs
 Behind headboard or any hollow area or cracks in bed framing
 Nightstands or any furniture adjacent to bed
 Electronic appliances (e.g. clocks, phones, etc.)
 Quilts, blankets, bed-spreads, pillows
 Behind electrical plates/boxes
 Behind wood trim/paneling
 Between carpet or baseboard
 Under Carpeting
 In cracks or crevices of furniture
 Behind walls or baseboards
 In drapery pleats and seams
 Cracks or gaps in walls, floor, ceiling
 Picture frames or mirrors
 In televisions or smoke detectors
 In clothing and/or other clutter in closets or piled on bedroom floor
 In boxes or piles of books, magazines, paper