Bed Bugs | Who Is At Risk

Contrary to popular belief, anyone and any home can be infested with bed bugs.  Often, society has influenced popular thought to imply bed bug infestations correlated to the cleanliness, up-keep, or socio-economic factors of a client. However, this is entirely untrue.  Bed bugs require one thing, a human host to survive.  No matter how expensive your home is, the size, how often you clean, whether your home is located on a golf-course, or has a pool; Bed bugs can and will infest as-long-as they have a human-host to feed on.  Furthermore, bed bugs are hardy and highly adaptative to infest our homes.

Bed bugs are excellent at hiding in small and inconspicuous places in are homes and can go undetected for a period of time. Pesticide resistance has been observed in bed bugs, making it nearly impossible for a home-owner to solve infestations on their own.  An adult bed bug can go a year of longer without a meal and still survive, so their durability and survivability has made them an expert pest at invading our homes and as a parasitic nuisance.  If you notice any signs of bed bugs in your home, call a professional immediately.  Home remedies, improperly applied pesticides, or lackluster attempts only make bed bug infestations spread, and can make them far worse.  Call a professional today to prevent and eliminate bed bug infestations.

Most at-risk to bed bug infestations

  • Travelers (esp. those who frequent hotels for business or vacation)
  • Places with transient population (e.g. shelters)
  • People bringing used furniture or clothing into their home
  • Public events such as athletic events, concerts, or other activities involving many people
  • People using public transportation (including trains, airports, buses)