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Protect Your Home and Family from Bed Bugs with Our Safe and Effective Chemical Treatment – Find Out How It Works

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Chemical Treatment: Your Solution to Bed Bug Infestations

Xceptional Bed Bug Removal offers a chemical treatment plan that is both safe and effective for eliminating bed bugs. Our process begins with a free inspection to evaluate the extent of the infestation and determine the most suitable treatment plan. Our chemical treatment is typically the final step, following an initial heat treatment. It is non-toxic to humans and pets and we take all necessary safety precautions during the process. We provide detailed instructions for preparing your home prior to treatment and recommend ventilating the treated area and washing all linens afterward.

With our combined heat and chemical treatment, we offer a 3-month warranty to ensure the complete eradication of bed bugs and prevent future infestations. Choose Xceptional Bed Bug Removal for professional and effective bed bug removal services. Schedule your chemical treatment with us today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is bed bug-free.

How Chemical Treatment Works on bed bugs

Chemical treatment is a highly effective method for eliminating bed bugs. This treatment involves applying specialized insecticides designed to penetrate the hard outer shells of bed bugs and cause them to dehydrate and die. The specific type of chemicals used depends on the severity of the infestation and the location being treated. Residual sprays, aerosol sprays, and dusts are common options. These chemicals are applied to areas where bed bugs hide, such as mattresses, bed frames, and furniture, and are effective in targeting the eggs and nymphs as well.

Overall, chemical treatment is a reliable and cost-effective method to quickly and thoroughly eliminate bed bugs from your home or business. By targeting the bed bugs and their eggs with specialized insecticides, you can be sure that the entire infestation will be eliminated, leaving you with a bed bug-free space. We use a combination of heat and chemical treatment when dealing with bed bugs. Learn more about heat treatment in the link below.

Our Chemical Treatment Benefits

  • Effectiveness: Targets bed bugs in all stages of development providing long-lasting results.

  • Longevity: We offer lasting results to prevent bed bug reinfestations, with follow-up visits to ensure complete elimination.
  • Non-Toxicity: A safe and non-toxic solution that leaves no residue or requires cleanup after treatment.
  • Cost: It’s a budget-friendly option compared to other bed bug treatments, saving you money in the long run.
  • Less Damaging: By utilizing a combination of chemical and heat treatments, we are able to effectively eliminate bed bugs while minimizing the potential for property damage.
  • Prevention: Can also be used as a preventive measure, stopping bed bug infestations before they start.

Bye Bye Bed Bugs

Frank Herst

Xceptional Bed Bug Removal has been a lifesaver for me and my family! We had a bed bug infestation that we just couldn’t get rid of and we were desperate. Xceptional Bed Bug Removal’s treatment worked like a charm! Within days, we were able to say bye-bye to the bed bugs and it was all thanks to them. Highly recommend their services!

The Bed Bugs are Gone!

Laura Martinez

I was dealing with a bed bug infestation for months and it was causing me so much stress. I called Xceptional Bed Bug Removal and they were able to help me out. After the first treatment, the bed bugs were gone completely! I’m so relieved and grateful that Xceptional Bed Bug Removal was there to help me out. They are truly Xceptional at eliminating bed bugs!

They're Gone!

Sean Hurley

I was really starting to get worried about these bed bugs in my house but Xceptional Bed Bug Removal came to the rescue! They were so professional and helpful in dealing with the problem. The technicians knew exactly what they were doing and within a few days, all the bed bugs were gone! I’d definitely recommend them to anyone dealing with a similar issue.

Bug Free!!

Gwen Flescher

Xceptional Bed Bug Removal saved us from a bed bug infestation! We were so scared that our home was going to be overrun with these creatures, but after Xceptional’s thorough and systematic process, we now have peace of mind that our home is safe and bed bug free. They did an amazing job and we couldn’t be more thankful for their services.


The Process of Chemical Treatment for Bed Bugs

During chemical treatment, Xceptional Bed Bug Removal staff will apply the chemicals to key areas where bed bugs are known to reside such as the bottom of furniture and other areas. It is important to note that bed bugs do not jump, which is why we only spray the bottom of furniture. Customers can expect to be out of the home for several hours during the treatment process to ensure safety. Our staff takes necessary safety precautions, including the use of PPE, such as masks and gloves, to protect against any potential exposure.

The duration of treatment will depend on the severity of the infestation, but typically it takes several hours to complete the process. Once the chemicals are applied, it is important to allow sufficient time for the chemicals to dry and take effect. Our customers can rest assured that our trained professionals will use the most effective and safe methods to eliminate bed bugs from their homes or businesses.

Where Do We Spray?

After the Chemical Treatment

What to do after our treatment? Well, we generally ask you to stay out of you home for a couple of hours. But afterwards, you can bring your furniture back to their proper locations. We offer a 3-month warranty in case they come back. The warranty is only valid if you do both heat and chemical treatment. This is because only heat or chemical is not 100% guaranteed to remove them all. This is why we do a comprehensive spraying and heating.

Congratulations you now have a bed bug free home!